Annual Website Maintenance Contract

Your website is the initial impression you make on potential customers. Merakii's AMC for website maintenance can assist you in developing and maintaining the optimal version of your business website. Connect with Merakii for the best website maintenance and support services.

Your website is one of your primary tools for attracting prospective customers. The objective is to keep the website current and fresh for visitors. Support and maintenance services for websites ensure that the website functions properly and adheres to the most recent technological developments, security patches, and industry standards.

Merakii offers superior website maintenance services in India, with over a decade of experience delivering the ideal website maintenance packages across a variety of industries.

AMC Process
Analyzing and Understanding

A comprehensive consultation, research, and client briefing session is conducted to determine the requirements and help the client comprehend what must be accomplished. The client is provided with maintenance packages that are ideal.

The Plan of Action

After gaining a comprehensive understanding, we list and prioritise the required tasks, such as WordPress website maintenance, loading time, and more. In addition, a timeline is established to ensure that everything is delivered and completed on time.

Resolving Problematic Areas

Our team of specialists examines each and every ticket raised by the client and provides solutions and enhancements. The objective is to provide the client and its customers with an error-free website experience by implementing innovative and improved solutions.

Bringing Perfection To The Table

After the modifications have been made, they are tested to ensure there are no errors.

Regular Checkups

A thorough and streamlined follow-up procedure is implemented on the website to ensure rapid problem resolution.

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