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We at Merakii Creative Solutions, a SEO firm in Noida, India, have a team of knowledgeable specialists. With over a decade of experience providing unmatched SEO services in Noida, India, Merakii has been crafting SEO strategies for businesses with quantifiable success for the past several years. As the leading SEO service provider in Noida, our satisfied clients come from a variety of industries, including education, real estate, software, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and FMCG, to name a few.

In addition to being a well-known SEO company in Delhi NCR, we are also a well-known SEO company in India; our clients come from all over the country to seek the services of one of the best SEO companies in Noida. Our extremely comprehensive plans cover all aspects of SEO, as you would expect from one of the leading SEO firms. It includes content, keyword blending, technical optimization of the website, back-link generation, improvement of DA and PA, local SEO, GMB, schema code generation, and a great deal more to increase website traffic and conversions. It is consistent with what you would expect from the top SEO company in Noida or India. Our reputation as a leading Search Engine Optimization company in Delhi-NCR and possibly the best SEO company in India is directly attributable to our efforts in planning and implementing the most effective strategy for our clients.

Our SEO Methodology
Keyword Analysis

Extensive research (using various premium and most popular tools) enables us to determine the most effective keywords to improve your site's search engine rankings.

Competition Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is essential for business growth. You must be aware of their actions and inactions. Then you must identify your own gaps and fill them in. For this, you require the services of India's top SEO agency. Our team of specialists at the best SEO company in India assists you in doing so. Before considering enhancing your online presence, our seasoned specialists conduct a comprehensive analysis of the competition. We utilise a variety of premium tools to deliver the best SEO services in India. It includes SEMrush, AHREFS, MOZ, etc., to conduct an in-depth analysis and collect valuable insights prior to developing an effective and measurable SEO strategy for your company.

On-Page Optimization

After conducting research, we focus on on-page optimization. This includes optimising your website's pages for search engine requirements, adding the appropriate title and description, updating the content, formatting the pages and including h1, h2, and h3 tags, optimising images and the website's URL, linking internal pages, ensuring the website is mobile-friendly, and more.

Off-Page Optimization

Our off-page optimization encompasses all activities performed outside of your website to boost your site's ranking in search engines such as Google. This process involves generating credible and high-quality backlinks through the use of high-quality, shareable content, guest posting, leveraging social media platforms for engagement, promotion on social bookmarking sites, participation in forums, Quora management, article, video, and infographic submissions, among other activities.

Measure Result

Measuring the results is the best way to determine whether our SEO efforts are yielding positive results. We use various metrics to evaluate your performance, including ranking, traffic, page views, and bounce rate, among others.

Optimizing& Maintaining Results

Our methods have always been driven by performance; consequently, we continually optimize our SEO practices to improve your results. Our mission is to become the best SEO company in India.

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