Digital Influence

Inspiration is the soul of our digital marketing strategy!

Digital Consumption

In the fast-paced world of information era, internet has penetrated our lives like never before. It no more is a luxury to use the internet but a necessity. The abundance of easy access to internet has crossed over into a very personal aspect of our lives – the influence!

Digital Influence – What is it?

The phenomenon of social networking that drives our ability to shape an opinion, create lasting impacts, alter behaviours and drive digital outcomes essentially falls under the umbrella of Digital Influence.

Digital Influence – The Need

Merakii is a team of professionals that acts as a facilitator for your brand to penetrate the desired Reach. We curate ingenious messaging, in line with the brand’s core philosophy, and promote it across the right media to reach its target audience.

We brainstorm to align our marketing strategies with that of the brand to create an ecosystem of Relevance. Our brand strategies are the result of a thoughtful and creative R&D such that brand messaging penetrates the noise to make an impact, right where it intends to.

We curate tailor-made strategies for brands to leave appropriate digital impressions such that the target audience Resonates with their messaging and open up a channel of communication.

Merakii’s Digital Influence strategies drive change!

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